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Emergencies drop a heavy burden onto the shoulders of administrators, managers and officials.  Every burst water pipe throws monumental challenges into their paths. Every power outage bombards them with impossible logistical demands. Seconds tick away, dollar damage climbs, and stress levels soar. Honolulu Crane Service understands the ramifications of these emergency situations. Leveraging this insight, we’ve developed emergency crane rental services that meet these challenges full force.

Our emergency crane rental services offer many advantages, one of these being availability. For us, that’s 24/7/365, full accessibility. Call us night or day, and you’ll connect with a live rep ready to help — guaranteed.

Once the gears are in motion, we’re on the scene and ready for action. Speed, however, is only part of the equation. Emergency crane rental also requires precise selection and rapid decisions with minimal information.  Cranes, weights, and dimensions must perfectly align. We bring everything you need including a wide array of rigging and lift equipment as soon as we dispatch.  Even a slight miscalculation can prove prohibitively risky, forcing decision-makers to make time-draining, money-draining adjustments.



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Crane rentals come with a certified operator

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