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Rigging companies are used to move everything from delicate MRI machines to Distillery equipment and generators. Every move is different, presenting its own set of circumstances. However, riggers also work with crane operators to make sure loads are evenly packed and centered.  They lift evenly and land flat.

There are many situations when an experienced rigger would be needed:

  • Machinery Upgrades

  • Plant Relocation

  • Plant Reorganization

  • Dismantling/Removal of decommissioned machinery

  • Assembling/Installing new equipment

  • Crane Rigging

  • Arborists and Landscaping

In a way, riggers are almost like boy scouts: They always have to be prepared. That means they need to be able to handle most situations that happen at the job site, but also the tools to help them handle it. Every crew on a rigging or construction project should have a box fully stocked with rigging equipment.

  • Wire Rope – Used in most lifting situations, whether it’s an all-terrain crane, a boom truck, or even an interior gantry lift. Wire rope is used because of its strength and flexibility. The wire rope connects the load to the lifting device. They may also be used to secure the load being lifted by the crane.

  • Nylon Straps – These are used to secure loads together to be lifted. These straps are ideal for odd or uneven loads because of its flexibility and ease of use. Canvas straps are rated for different load capacities.

  • Slings – Constructed of wire rope, Nylon Webbing, Poly Webbing or a combination of all of them, slings provide two points of contact on larger, heavy objects.

  • Shackles - Screw Pin Shackles, Chain Shackles, Master links anything you need to safely connect rigging together.

  • Lifting Beams & Spreader Bars - Adjustable and non-adjustable spreader bars, all types of lifting beams to keep everything evenly supported on the way up and down.

  • Jacking Equip – Just like jacking up a car to change a flat tire, jacks are used for lifting heavy equipment into place for moving.

  • Skates – To lift and move equipment when cranes aren’t available, skates are often used in conjunction with jacks. Just as the name implies, these are little platforms with wheels that make it possible to move large machinery by hand.

  • Chain Hoists and Turnbuckles – Used to take up the slack or apply tension to wire ropes. They usually use eyes, hooks, or shackles on either end.

  • Other items – This includes rigging safety gear like stop signs, orange vests, or even something as simple as caution cones. Dollies, large tools, or replacement parts should make up every good rigging box.


Honolulu Crane and Rigging Services maintains a large inventory of commonly used and specialty rigging equipment to get you job done as safely and effectively as possible. 


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